It was in 1975, in Montréal, that the first sexual assault center (CALACS) was founded. That center has been built by women whom have decided to answer to the needs of a female clientele victim of sexual harassment. The founders noticed the different barriers (myths, prejudice, silence) that were erected around the whole question of sexual harassment. Nowadays, there are nearly 30 CALCAS througout the province.

In Gaspésie, the Center was created in Gaspé in 1996, under the name of CALACS La Bôme-Gaspésie thanks to the determination and the heart put into it by women from the Gaspé community. From its opening, it has offered three types of service, the first being the direct help to women and teenagers 14+ years old, that were victims of recent or past sexual harassment as well as to their relatives. The second is oriented towards  prevention, awareness, formation and information to the many sectors of the community and the last is in regard to defending women’s rights.

The CALACS La Bôme-Gaspésie has gained, throughout the years points of services is all of Gaspésie’s county. In 2002, the first point of service was located in Sainte-Anne-des-Monts. In 2007, the CALACS opened an office in Maria for customers in MAR d’Avignon and Bonaventure. Finally, in 2010, a point of service was opened in Chandler.


The logo’s description

  C.A.L.A.C.S.  stands for Centre d’Aide et de Lutte Contre les Agressions à Caractère Sexuel, in English, that is a help center for sexual assault. Why have we choosen  ‘’La Bôme ‘ (The Bram) ’? Because a beam represents the horizontal mast that supports the sail of a sailing ship which reminds of the support offered by the CALACS, to women, young women of 14+ years old as well as to their relatives. La Bôme will be there to support you. Also, with the same pronounciation, we can also hear “baume” (balm) which represents a substance that soothes a wound. The CALACS also serves as a balm for a wound deep within you. The CALACS will be there to help you soothe this intense pain which, only to often, has been there for years.

In 2010, the CALACS team was given the task to rework the image of the organism. In order to do so, the team carefully determined which image they wanted to project to the population. After many researches and propositions, a logo was created. To us, it represent the help relation between a person who needs help and the one giving it. It also brings forward rebirth shown by the leaves between both faces. Our ultimate conviction it that it is possible to survive and even to be reborn through the support provided by the organism after being victim of sexual harassment. We strongly believe in hope and in the capacity of the women visiting us. The CALACS worker will be there to provide the tools and to accompany these women throughout their project and all the way to the end of their road, and that, at their own pace.