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Prevention and Awareness Programs and Workshops

Presentation of the services offered by CALACS

This workshop is designed to reach out to all people of the community, the members and professionals working in community organisations, the professionals working in health and social services field, all professionals working in the justice system, etc.

This workshop is designed to inform groups on the subject of sexual assault including subjects such as the laws of consent, the statistics pertaining to sexual assault as well as our services in general.

This workshop is also designed to facilitate the referral process and encourage partnership between CALACS and its partners.

The information provided in the workshop may be modified or adapted to specific needs and requests.

School based prevention and awareness programs "From Dream To Reality"

These workshops are designed for students starting in secondary one to secondary five. These workshops can be a part of the youth’s educational path throughout their secondary years. Here are the different programs for each level.

Secondary 1- Introduction to CALACS, Forms of sexual assault

This workshop is an introduction to the organisation and the services that are offered to the community. The different forms of sexual assault are presented and discussed. There are interactive activities such as a quiz and a simulation which are used to illustrate the consquences of sexual assault. During this workshop, the students are informed about what can be done in cas of sexual assault. Consent and the laws that surround it are also discussed.

Secondary 2: Technology, social media and sexuality, how to stay safe

The main theme of this workshop is how to stay safe while using technology such as social media. This workshop addresses the issue of cyber predators as well as the consequences that this can have on a victim. Child pornography, self-exploitation and sexting are issues that are also addressed during this presentation. Finally, aid resources are presented to the students and teachers so that they may face these situations if they should arise.

Secondary 3: Sexual stereotypes

This main themem of this workshop is consent. This workshop encourages the students to reflect on what a healthy sexual and intimate relationship is. It also offers information about pornography and social media. The students are encouraged to think about the social influence that pornography may have on their perception of sexuality.

Secondary 4: Date rape drugs, do you know what is in your drink?

This workshop offers important information regarding date rape drugs and how to promote safety. The consequences related to the use of these substances are also presented. Finally, the important issue of consent and the laws that surround it are presented and discussed. We suggest that this program be presented near the end of the school year.

Secondary 5 : Available upon request

Sexual Harassement in the Workplace

This is a training workshop destined for employers as well as employees designed to provide information and create awareness about sexual harassement in the workplace, prevent these types of situations as well as offer tools to deal with sexual harassement if it should arise.

Sexual Abuse and the Elderly: It's Not Right

This workshop is designed to offer information and create awareness about elderly victims of sexual abuse. It is a workshop that is offered to senior citizens as well as people who work with this population such as health care professionals or students who will be working with the elderly in the future. Subjects covered include the different forms of sexual assault, myths and stereotypes, sexual consent, attitudes to have when intervening with a person who has been a victim of sexual abuse as well as the obstacles to unveiling sexual assault.

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