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Our services

Direct help and support

  • Individual support and follow-up meetings
  • Telephone listening and support services
  • Accompaniment and preparation for medical and legal procedures
  • Information and referrals
  • Help and support for the victim’s loved ones

Prevention and awareness

  • To deconstruct the myths and prejudices surrounding sexual assault. To change the perceptions, discriminatory attitudes and sexist behaviours in order to address the problem of social tolerance when it comes to sexual assault
  • Prevention and awareness workshops on various themes for organisations, social workers, health care professionals, professionals working in the legal system, parents, etc.
  • School based sexual assault prevention and awareness programs
  • Information kiosks
  • Documentation centre

Advocacy and the fight against sexual assault

  • Raise awareness amongst the people of our communities that NOTHING justifies sexual assault
  • Advocate in the community to promote social, political and legal transformation in order to put an end to sexual violence
  • Represent and intervene on local and regional roundtables
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