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I have experienced sexual assault

If you have
experienced sexual assault, you may feel dirty. You may also feel shame, guilt and
anger. You may feel as though you are going crazy and as though you are not
normal. You may feel that nothing is working out the way you thought it would.
You may even feel as though nobody could understand what you are going though
or even believe you.

 All of
these reactions are normal. Experiencing sexual assault is not normal. Nobody
is responsible for their sexual assault that they have experienced. A person’s
age, gender, clothes or lifestyle does not justify sexual assault. The
perpetrator is the only person who is responsible for the sexual assault.

Sexual Assault Prevention and Aid Centre is there to help and support sexual
assault victims whether the assault is a recent event or happened in the past.
A victim is not obligated to start or intend to start legal procedures in order
to access help. The decision is up to the victim.
Some of the information on this web site have been take in part or in whole from the Information Guide for Sexual Assault Victims (2008)

Ça va bien aller

ça va bien aller

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